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A shallow bowl.This was an idea i had in mind for a while. The course of the design changed slightly troughout the process. I'm planning to create different designs with the same concept/idea. I'm very satisfied with the result, and hope you all enjoy the video!. This was one of the biggest projects so far, and i feel like i am dreaming having reached almost 50.000 subscribers!!. I am incredibly thankfull for all of your support! :). Wood used is Wenge for the frame, Maple for all the light parts and details, and (red) Padauk for the interior of the bowl and the lines in the center. diluted Tungoil ( turpentine) as a finish

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Audio tracklist.

00:11- 03:50. Ars Sonor - Aftermath
03:50 - 06:44. Ars Sonor - Farewell the innocent
06:44 - 11:50. Ars Sonor Nucleus feat. Christopher Alvarado - Mnomized
11:50 - 16:55. Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder two
16:55 - 22:13. Audionautix - Navajo Night
22:13 - 26:15. Doctor turtle - The encouragement stick
26:15 - 32:09. Kevin Macleod - Soaring
32:09 - 33:13. Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Five

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