Making A Knife From Pruning Shears - Machine industry and woodworking


I bet every man that ever held some pruning shears imagined them as a knife. I know I did! That's why, when we broke the handle on ours I decided to make a knife out of them.

The blade was of decent quality and basically it was designed to cut wood, so it should make a great shop knife. The chisel grind will prove useful while tracing a line after a straight edge and also should allow for more precise chip carving because of the zero angle on one side.

Since the "tang" is so short I doubled the handle with aluminum and also used the large hole as an oversized pin to take the pressure while chip carving. It's also great for hanging the knife tip up on the pegboard so it's easy to grab while working.

The wood scales are made from an olive wood cutting board that was thrown away since it's full of cracks. Since this is a shop project I saved the nice figured wood for better things and used the dull part on the side. The only fancy detail is that I tried to take advantage of the natural curvature of the wood to match the handle.


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This is not a tutorial, it's just for entertainment! A lot of tools and techniques shown here are very dangerous!

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