Kubota excavator Hercules attachment

Kubota excavator Hercules attachment

Website: PBTools4u.com
This is our patented mount for excavators to connect bobcat style attachments to your excavator. Contact us with questions at primaryconcept01@aol.com or call us at 973 352-9303.


a good driver don't need them but cracking idea

You're a GENIUS !!!!!

That is amazing....what a flippen great idea

How do you control the 4 in one bucket hydraulics for open and close.

This might work well for a York rake 

Made me think of the JCB 1cx. Too bad they aren't sold in the states anymore. Awesome machines.

Cat is releasing their 304.5xtc model in September with a tool carrier like what you designed It's seems there's a real demand in the market for these I wonder where cat got that idea..

be nice to see this setup have a switch to go from one function to another so those without a 6 way blade could still utilize a dump and lift. is there a website

Lets be honest though it alright for small things but I would rather have a bobcat that can lift higher and have a better capacity

Great concept! Really neat. I'd like to get one for my kx040, but I think I'd miss my 6 way blade...maybe not. I know CAT has similar setup, but there's doesn't have the lift height yours does. Was pretty cool with Harley Rake. Great video!!!


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