How to Build an Garden lounge Seat Sofa XL - time lapse Modern scaffold planks - Machine industry and woodworking


How to make your own XL wooden outdoor garden bench. Do it yourself in Time lapse
Higher quality, less money!! Scaffold planks
30 meters of wood, more than 75 kgs and less than 100 euro!

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Link to the wood shop:

5 x 195x2000 mm.
2 x 195x84.2 mm.
20 x 195x600 mm.
3 x 30x62x525 mm.
3 x 30x62mmx425 mm.
2 x 30x62x2000 mm.
2 x 30x62x395 mm.
2 x 30x62x810 mm.
8 x 30x30x775 mm.
1 x 30x30x1945 mm.

Music by Stillebeats

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