Homemade Pinless Leg Vice - Machine industry and woodworking


This homemade leg vice is the latest addition to my workbench. I apologise upfront for the length and the speed of the video. It was a struggle to fit everything in, so it's a little fast in places. Faster than normal - it's always fast ;) .

The vice turned out amazing - I am really chuffed with it. Thanks to the other guys here on Youtube who have already done this with the scaffold screw and passed on that knowledge - it worked extremely well. I saw Jay Bates use this screw and he got the idea from Dema's Workshop (thanks guys). I decided on adding the St Peters cross as I wanted a pinless vice - I like what Jay Bates has done with a wedge and thought about that system but I'm glad I went with the cross.

The wheel turned out great too - I wracked my brains thinking of what to use, I thought about making one out of wood and inserting lead shot for added weight and I almost used the angle adjustment wheel off my tablesaw which I would have replaced with a homemade one. My mate dropped off these old grinder discs about a year or so ago and asked if they were any good to me I took them because I couldn't resist even though I had no idea what I would do with them - they were perfect for the vice wheel.

The workbench is now a very usable bench but I may still add to it - watch this space!

I hope you enjoy the video and as always I'm happy to answer any questions.

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